Have An Eggcellent Easter

Happy Easter! It’s a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus! It’s also a time to eat a whole lot of chocolate and crazy colored eggs… but don’t eat those chocolates and eggs just yet!

There are a few traditions that come along with Easter that can cause major health issues.

For one, the whole chocolate egg thing. Wow, it’s really outta control! Take it easy on the chocolate eggs this year. If you MUST partake, go for the dark chocolate eggs (if they even exist). Those will be slightly healthier!

As for eggs in general, I love them. I named my entertainment company after one of my favorite food dishes; Egg Sandwich Entertainment! They contain a good amount of protein and other good stuff for us…

However, the one major drawback is that they contain a very high amount of cholesterol. And not the good type (LDL), but the bad type (HDL). One egg contains about 185mg of cholesterol. On average, our goal is to restrict our cholesterol intake to around 300 mg per day.

So you can see how easily it adds up after a two egg breakfast!

I had my blood work done at my physical about a month ago and my cholesterol was pretty high. I know it’s because I was eating way too many eggs over the last six months. And dairy in general. Cheese also contains a high amount.

I figured out how to still have my eggs and reduce my cholesterol intake.

The trick is to separate out the yolks and eat the egg whites only. I learned how to do it and so can you! It’s easy once you do it for a while. Here’s 5 ways to do it!

If you’re super weird about it and you just can’t get the hang of it, then buy packaged egg whites in the grocery store. I get this one at Costco. They contain no cholesterol. Yes, you read that right. NO CHOLESTEROL!

It’s a much healthier choice.

I’ll be honest with you. It won’t taste the same. It will take some getting used to. But trust me, if you like eggs as much as I do, you’ll want to make the switch to egg whites.

I’ve also started eating Oats for breakfast! This is helping to reduce my cholesterol level also. When I return for a check up in three months, I’ll let you know how much my level has reduced!

Got questions? Hit me up!