5 Ways To Stay Motivated

The jump off might be pretty easy for you. But what happens after that initial burn? What happens when you have an ‘off’ day? Here’s 5 suggestions to keep ya going!


Whatever you do, don’t go in without a goal. If you’re stuck, you actually may have already done this. You went into it without having a clear vision of what you want to achieve. It was too broad or not a realistic goal for yourself. Go back now and look at your goal. Make sure that you create a S.M.A.R.T. Goal! Read how to do that RIGHT HERE!

Still struggling to figure out what a S.M.A.R.T. goal for yourself would be? Get on a Coaching Call with me and we’ll figure it out together!


Our brains move quickly from thought to thought. Too quickly. Writing things down helps to keep our thoughts organized and also gives us the opportunity to review and analyze the things we’re thinking about. When it comes to fitness and nutrition, you can use a Food Journal to keep track of what you’re eating. This will bring awareness to what you are ACTUALLY eating as opposed to what you THINK you’re eating. More often than not, there are two very different things!

Another journal to keep is a personal journal. A diary, if you will. Writing down your thoughts and feelings about your fitness journey can help to see exactly where you’re mind is at. The key here is the word “feelings”. Most of what we struggle with when it comes to health and fitness is related to our feelings. Writing them down and getting in touch with how you feel about fitness and nutrition will help you stay on top of any negativity that might creep in during the process.


I cannot stress enough the importance of having a strong support system when it comes to staying motivated to achieve your fitness goals. The moment one person in your life gives you a negative comment about your fitness journey, that will derail you. You could have 100 friends all supporting you, and when that ONE negative person makes a comment, immediately the other 99 positive people don’t exist! Turn to POSITIVE people! Makes sure that you’re entire support system is positive and supporting you every step of the way. Even if they aren’t cheering you on every day, make sure all the negativity is gone! This goes for people in real life (family, friends, etc.) as well as online in your social media life. You’d be surprised how easily negativity can creep it’s way in. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN! Build your positive support system from day one.

And if you find negativity within your system, don’t be afraid to cut people out. Maybe not permanently – although that’s usually the case – but at least through the initial days or months of your journey.

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Surround yourself with like minded folks! Find people that are also on a fitness journey of their own! Search hashtag fitness (#Fitness) on Instagram and you’ll find a TON of people who are doing exactly what you’re doing! I’m one of them, so make sure you’re following me: @iamtonyjacobsen


Nothing will get accomplished if you keep it to yourself. We can keep our goals locked away in our own minds and we can even keep them written down in our private journals, but until we share our goals with the outside world, they will not be achieved! The reason this is so powerful is because once you share your goals, then those around start to give you the support that you need to achieve those goals. In addition to the people around you, the UNIVERSE starts to bring into your existence any and all support that you need. You’ll be surprised by what pops up in your life once you start to share your goals.

When I was at my worst health-wise, I remember sharing my ‘get healthy’ goals with my wife. She immediately started bringing healthier eating and exercise into our lives. Beyond that, all of a sudden, I started to see friends of mine, via social media, were on the same path. They were having the same thoughts and doing the same things that I was thinking about! This is how I found my personal trainer! Because I saw a picture of my good friend who had been training with him!

Start to share your goals and this makes Number 3 come into play easier as well. Your support system will start to grow!


Seriously, STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP! It’s ok to feel crummy sometimes. We all go through it. The biggest problem with this is that we try to fight it! We do everything in our power NOT to feel crummy and guess what happens? We feel even crummier! (Is that a word?)

If you haven’t heard this yet, hear it now… EMBRACE IT TO ERASE IT! As soon as you recognize the crummy feeling that you’re having, acknowledge it, see what there is to learn about it, and then LET IT GO!

See Number 2 above about writing down your feelings so you have a mechanism to deal with being in that crummy space!

The faster you let yourself be in that space, the faster you’ll get out of it and get moving!


That’s it! Five things you can do to stay motivated if you’ve hit a roadblock or a plateau in your fitness journey.

What are some tools you use, other than these five, to stay motivated? COMMENT BELOW