On July 4, 1776, the thirteen colonies claimed their independence from England. Each year on July 4th, also known as Independence Day, Americans celebrate this historic event. This year, celebrate by gaining YOUR independence!

Each year, we look at this day as a day of spending time with family, eating BBQ, and watching (or lighting) fireworks. It’s always a great day (and three-day weekend) for us to reflect on why America is a great country. Back in 1776, our forefathers fought hard to break the ties with England and gain their independence!

I challenge you to look at this day differently this year.

Many of you will celebrate this ‘independence’ day but you’re really not independent.

You’re being held back from accomplishing your fitness and health goals.

You’re stuck.

You’re mind is stuck.

You’re stuck in the thought that you don’t deserve to live a healthy life.

You’re stuck in the thought that you’re way too deep to ever get healthy again.

You’re stuck in the thought that you disability won’t allow you to get healthy and be fit.

Today is different.

Today is the day that you take the power into your own hands.

Today is the day that you fight hard to break the ties that bind you.


Don’t let this day go to waste! Get out and do something active! Have the willpower to NOT fill up that plate with BBQ two or three times! Challenge yourself and do 1,776 push-ups! (Ok, this is probably a little excessive)

Choose to gain your independence today!


Break ties with your limiting thoughts!

Just as the United States of America has grown into the world’s strongest country, you too can grow into the healthy, fit, positive person that you deserve to be!

What will you do today to GAIN YOUR INDEPENDENCE from your limiting thoughts? Comment below!