FitDeck Bodyweight Workout Cards

They say you gotta play with the hand you’re dealt. So why not do the workout that you’re dealt!

I saw my good friends, and fellow personal trainers, B-Stang and Presto, post something about these cards on their Instagram accounts and I grabbed a deck as soon as I could!


FitDeck makes a few different decks ranging from the Bodyweight deck that I got to Resistance Bands to Dumbbells, etc. Each deck is a different modality for working out so you can get a few decks and mix them up!


The company offers a few different ways to use the deck, but I went with my own. The Bodyweight deck has cards for four different body areas; upper, middle, lower, and full body. I shuffled each body section, picked 2 cards from each so I’d have 8 exercises total, and then I did 4 rounds of these 8 exercises. Short rest in between the exercises and a longer rest in between the rounds.


They’re playing cards, so these are great for someone who travels or just wants to have a random workout each time. They fit in your pocket, so you don’t have any excuse not to take them with you.

If you’d like to grab a deck, here ya go:

Enjoy this short video I did with my FitDeck.