Leg Exercises For Osteogenesis Imperfecta [Video]

A few leg exercises that are perfect for a person with Osteogenesis Imperfecta or even beginning to work out your legs.

Leg Exercises for Osteogenesis Imperfecta

We had a great request in our Health & Fitness for O.I. group on Facebook from a girl who recently had a rodding surgery on her femur. She was asking about specific exercises to get her muscle strength back up in her legs because she wanted to get back on her feet and walking again within six months!

There were a lot of great suggestions from the group members and again, I felt that by showing the exercises, it would be easier to grasp exactly how to do them, and do them properly.

These are a few simple, yet effective exercises that are great to stimulate those leg muscles. They are also good because you don’t need any equipment. In fact, the very first exercise – as you’ll see in the video – you can use a two-liter bottle or other similarly sized object. I would suggest a Yoga Block, and I would definitely say that you should avoid having a two-liter of anything other than maybe water at your disposal.

If your muscles are very weak in your legs and your just starting out or recovering from an injury, these exercises are a great start to get those muscles engaged and working!

Here’s the video, ENJOY!


Here are the exercises that I demonstrate. These are not the official names, so I’m just giving them my own name!

  • Leg Lifts / Leg Extension
  • Heal to Butt Leg Pull
  • Hip Raise
  • Sliding Jacks

What are some of your favorite exercises to strengthen your legs?

Post in the comments below.



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