Plyometric training program design.

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Plyometric training program design. That’s how I do on a Saturday morning!

I love waking up early on Saturday morning, brewing my coffee, and then sitting down to study from my NASM textbook.

I’m about two months out from taking my exam to become a Certified Personal Trainer. It’s a TON of information to learn, and to be honest, once the knowledge is there, it’s the application of this knowledge in the field that really counts. That’s where I’ll put it to the test. That’s where it gets implemented.

For me, it’s more than just knowing what the Prime Movers are for certain exercises, or how to calculate MaxHR, or structuring the correct acute variables for the people that I will work with. It’s about using all of this knowledge to TRANSFORM LIVES.

I can’t thank my personal trainer enough. He not only guided me through the fires of actually getting my body moving, but he gave me the confidence I needed to break barriers, not bones.

If you’ve felt like it’s time to make a change in your life, if you’re ready to transform and get healthier, CONTACT ME! I can start to coach and guide you down the path to wellness.  YOU CAN DO IT!

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