P90x3 Accelerator Ain’t Got Nothing On ME

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P90X3 has been a very beneficial program for me throughout my transformation. Even before I worked out with a personal trainer, I did P90X and P90X3 and I definitely felt positive changes happening to my body. My wife did a full 90 Day cycle of P90X and experienced her own transformation! She got toned and stronger through the process.

Having Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Brittle Bones), you’d think that these “extreme” workout programs would be too much for me, but luckily for me, I’ve been able to break barriers, not bones, and hit it hard. I always modify where necessary. And that’s what Tony Horton instructs you to do anyways. You have to go at your own pace, no matter what. BUT, and yes, this is a big BUT, you HAVE TO PUSH YOURSELF! You have to get uncomfortable. You have to get to that point where you feel like you’re going to throw up or pass out!

You’ll surprise yourself when you push past your limits!

I know I did and continue to do so, DAILY!

If you want to give any of the P90 workouts a shot, you can visit my STORE page and purchase them there. Also, CONTACT ME if you have any questions prior to buying. I can also get you hooked up with modifiers that I’ve done on the exercises if you’d like to do them the way I do!

Don’t be scared. I know I was when I started, but I knew that I had to think differently about my disability before I could make progress.



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