Two years in the making – Transformation Tuesday

On the left is April 2013. I weighed 170 lbs. On the right is April 2015 and I’m down to 135 lbs. Osteogenesis Imperfecta couldn’t stop this transformation!


Because I don’t ever plan on finding it again!

With exercise, eating right, and most importantly, getting my mental game on point, I’ve been able to transform and do things physically that I never thought possible. Two of which are running and jumping!

My disability wanted to stop me, so I had to DISABLE MY DISABILITY!


I’m currently in ‘Maintenance’ mode. Which is fine. But as I go through the education process for my Personal Trainer Certification, I’m more and more anxious to start my next phase of transformation. I have a new vision of what I want to look like and things that I’d like to do. I’m looking at starting this next phase soon. Stay tuned, because you will be with me every step of the way.