Sometimes… ya gotta supplement!

I personally use protein powder to supplement my protein intake. Not all the time, but on days when my food intake is lacking protein, I’ll mix up a protein shake and get ‘er done.

When it comes to additional supplements, these are the three that I’m currently taking;

  1. Fish Oil
  2. Joint Supplement
  3. Multi-Vitamin

The fish oil has great benefits for me. One is that it supports my joints. It’s also good for my heart. And I’ve noticed that my hair and nails are stronger as well! The one that I’m currently taking is PURE ALASKA OMEGA WILD ALASKAN SALMON OIL. I purchase it via Amazon.

The joint supplement is a combination of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM. I’ve found that this combination works best for me. There are different joint supplements out there and I suggest that you try a few and see which ones work best for your joints. The one that I’m currently taking is NATURE MADE
TRIPLE-FLEX. Again, I purchase this on Amazon.

The multi-vitamin that I take is a simple One-A-Day Multi-Vitamin for Men. It’s a complete vitamin that gives me my B’s and has a great amount of vitamin D as well.

If you’d like to purchase any of these, CLICK HERE!

Again, these are BASIC supplements that are good for general health. You have to try a few and make sure they work for your body.

Let me know if you have any questions.