Can you say Meal Prep?

I often find myself looking, and looking again, in the fridge for something to eat. Sometimes, I don’t want to cook. I’m lazy and I don’t want to think about what to eat. And that is a super un-healthy way to eat.

Meal Containers to the Rescue!

Can you say Meal Prep? Meal prep for me is all about making sure that I will have a good meal – no, a GREAT meal – ready for me at a moment’s notice.

Doing it this way – cooking and prepping these meals all at once – it will take all the guess work out of it for me when it’s time to eat.

These containers are great. I can’t wait to do my first meal prep. [I’ll do an update to this post once I do.]

Meal Containers at a GREAT PRICE!

I had searched on Amazon for meal containers and I found a few options, but they seemed expensive when purchasing at a low quantity. You have to buy 100 or more to get a break in the price.

Then I remembered seeing Billy K. (@billykfitness on Instagram) promoting the sale of containers. I figure he’s buying in bulk and can cut a good deal for everyone. And he does. It was half the price than what I would have paid on Amazon.

I got 20 containers for $20! Not too shabby!

Thanks Billy K. 👍🏻 Great product, great price, fast delivery!

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