Disability Awareness Speaker – Tony Jacobsen

It’s my pleasure to speak to audiences to bring about a positive awareness and new outlook on disabilities.

I get pumped when it’s time to tell my story and share what it means to me to live with and embrace my disability.

Destroying The Social Stigma

Disability Awareness for me focuses on bringing about an appreciation of disabilities of all types. Most people fear broaching the topic because in all honesty, having a disability has become a stigma in our society. However, I know that by exploring three key perspectives, everyone willing to open themselves up to change will discover a new understanding of those with disabilities as well as themselves.

Three Keys to Unlock Change

  1. Re-defining ‘disability’.
  2. Examining and identifying our own internal obstacles.
  3. Embracing those challenges and overcoming them.

Once we look at and go into detail about these perspectives, a new possibility ignites within all of us and the consciousness around ‘disability’ shifts.

Speaking To Your Audience

No matter the audience age, size, or location, I look forward to sharing my story and my innovative approach to Disability Awareness at your event.

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