Kindle Version of Disable Your Disability Book is NOW AVAILABLE!

Let’s get digital! “Disable Your Disability: Live The Healthy Life You Deserve!” is now available on Kindle!

Kindle Version of Disable Your Disability Book is NOW AVAILABLE!

I’m excited to be able to offer the book on Kindle for all my eBook readers out there.

Truth be told, I’ve recently begun to downsize my life and part of the process is letting go of physical books. I’ve always saved and carried books with me throughout my life. I’ve always wanted a library room.

But as life would have it, that’s not something that is in alignment with my current life goals and I’m not willing to pay for a storage unit anymore.

With that said, I have a very… VERY… small collection of physical books that I am holding onto for sentimental reason. These are books that made a huge difference in my life. Two of them are books about screenwriting.

During the last purge of physical books, I did a scan on my Amazon app to see if there were Kindle versions available. If there was, then it went into a private list so I can purchase the Kindle versions at a later date. If they weren’t on Kindle, it was a matter of deciding if I wanted to keep it, sell it, or donate it. Many books got donated. BUT, many of them also made the Kindle list! Yay!

I use the Kindle App on my iPad mini… for now. I’d like to get an actual Kindle eReader because I find that when I use the iPad, I end up using the iPad for other things instead of reading. And I’d really like to have something that is strictly for reading. And the new Kindles are so awesome and small, they are easy to hold and can be used outside and in the dark with ease. If you want to check out the one I’m thinking of getting, see it here.

There is one book that I immediately bought in Kindle version. And that’s MY BOOK! 🙂 I hope that you will too!

Here’s the link to get the Kindle Version of “Disable Your Disability”:

OR if you purchase the PaperBack version, you can get the Kindle Version for only $2.99!!! How cool is that?!

Thanks for supporting the book and enjoy the Kindle version. And when you’re done reading, please consider leaving an honest review on Amazon.