Support Disable My Disability on YouTube!

Support Disable My Disability On YouTube

I’ve had the honor and pleasure of creating some fantastic content on YouTube that has been helpful and fun. My videos feature exercises, workouts, nutrition advice, motivational and inspirational thoughts and ideas, information about Osteogenesis Imperfecta, and also there are some that are just plain fun.

I ask that you please give what you can to allow me to continue to create this content.

One of a Kind YouTube Channel

It’s important because there are no other YouTube channels out there doing what I do for the O.I. community or for those who are disabled in general. I am specifically talking about fitness and nutrition and how to overcome the mental and emotional barriers that come along with having a disability so that we can all live the healthy life that we deserve.

Most of the videos that I am currently creating are based on questions and needs that my friends have had and things that I see need to be ‘shown’ instead of written.

If you have an idea for a video that you would like to see me create, please CONTACT ME and let me know what you would like to see.

Join me, SUBSCRIBE, and please donate what you can: