Achieving Your Fitness Goals With Your Spiritual Muscle [Guest Blog by Teemaree]

I’ve always said you have to “get moving, eat better, and get your mind right” in order to achieve optimal performance. Teemaree takes it a step further in this awesome guest blog!

My wife, Teemaree, has been one of my biggest inspirations since we got together 16 years ago. She’s not only been one to push me physically, but she’s also been leading the way for me spiritually. Since she started the “Live Your Best Life Now” movement, I’ve been more energized to actually live my best life now, every single day! Here’s some insight on how to get that spiritual muscle working so you can achieve your fitness goals.

Isn’t it crazy how far away some of our goals seem?

Once upon a time I ate meat at every meal, drank soda regularly, and enjoyed foods that were high in sugar and sodium. I was raised by my father who had me in the role of lead caretaker of the house at a very young age. He would buy easy foods we liked and I would make them. Fast forward to being a single teenage mother of two, I often had to stretch my dollar. This way of eating had gotten us so far before so I kept it going. It was what I knew. When it came time to change this way of being, so many questions ran through my mind. How would I afford these healthy foods? How would I cook them? Would they taste good? Would my family like this change? This goal seemed so far away.

Then there was my physical goal. As a kid, I loved being out, playing, and being active. I was a tomboy and raised in a house with pure male energy. My early jobs were physical too, but then things changed. In an effort to work smarter not harder, I started to use technology and the computer more in my work, I also fell in love and married a man with O.I. Your very own, Tony Jacobsen. Because I loved him and wanted to be with him, I slowed down my physicality. Our outings were usually sedentary things like movies, dinner, etc. When it came time for me to change and achieve my goal of returning to the physical lifestyle I missed and loved, I was scared. What would this mean for my relationship? Would it feel lonely? Would it be hard? Did I even have time to work out or do physical activities? Again, the goal seemed far away.

Our goals can seem so far away sometimes. In our attempts to make sense out of it we try to mentally figure our way out. However, instead of giving ourselves the boost we hope for, it just seems to open the doors to more fear, doubt, and worry. Ugh.

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I’d like to introduce a better way.

In both the instances I mention above I did something I would like to share with you now. I used my spiritual muscle. There is a way to bring our belief, our faith, to everything we do. When we do this, things are lighter, easier, and smarter automatically because we are working with the unlimited power of the Universe! We enter a space of allowing instead of trying to figure it out before doing. We enter into a space of joy, instead of worry, doubt, and fear. Here’s how you do it.

Using Your Spiritual Muscle:

  1. Visualize. Everything in the world starts off as an idea. What is the new idea of you that you have in mind? Visualize it. What do you look like? How does the new you act? Where does the new you go? What are you wearing? Who are you hanging out with? Number 1 is visualize. Get that new you picture in your mind.
  2. Make a note of it. Write the new you vision down on a piece of paper. If you are artistic, create the visual in a drawing or by using magazine clippings. You can also record this as a voice memo to yourself. The point here is to get visualization of the new you recorded. Doing step 1 sets things in motion and step two keeps you empowered! Make a note of it.
  3. Affirm the new you. Use the power of I Am! Examples: “I am now fit.” “I am now eating healthy.” Use this in conversations with others as you start to do things that are different than what you used to do. They will give you plenty of opportunities to do this as they ask you questions about you now wanting to walk instead of drive, drink water instead of soda, etc.  😉  You just affirm the new you! Don’t explain or rationalize, just affirm. This is also very important in your conversations with you. We are always in conversations with ourselves and we can be the biggest bullies ever! When your inner voice says, “just have that candy, skip your workout,” etc. You just affirm the new you by saying, “But the fit me works out! The healthy me loves how light I feel after eating good!” Affirm the new you.

These spiritual tools work with the very intangible but extremely powerful energy that is the creator of all. These spiritual tools help you achieve your goals with ease, fun, and transformations that last because they encourage the refining of you, from the inside out! In order to achieve we have to believe.

It is what I did when I wanted to change my eating habits. I started to see myself light, fit, and healthy. I started to see myself enjoying fresh foods and drinks. I imagined myself eating meals without meat and liking it. I imagined my skin was glowing and my eyes were clear and white. Sure enough, this worked! Why? Because on the inside I started to feel like the new me and doing the new things made sense because they went with who I felt I was instead of a punishment, hardship, or obstacle to get past.

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Same thing when I wanted to change my physical habits. I started to envision myself as a warrior. I saw myself as fit, sexy, strong. I saw myself having fun outdoors, doing things like mud runs, color runs, and thrilling activities. I imagined myself feeling accomplished and proud. I can now say I have done all those things! I have completed P90X challenges, done a mud run, a color run, and much more!

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Your vision doesn’t have to be my vision or anyone else’s. But the steps to using our spiritual muscles are the same. So what’s your new vision of you? How will you let your spiritual muscles carry you into the new day that is waiting for you? Think about it and put your spiritual muscles to work! Just visualize, make note, affirm! I can’t wait to read your results below in the comments section.

Live Your Best Life Now.

teemareeTeemaree is a Minister • Motivational Speaker • Author • Model • Actress • Artist

She holds retreats and workshops in between releasing books, audios, video offerings, & more.

Her message: Live Your Best Life Now.

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