Exercise Videos For Online Virtual Training Clients

When you become my online ‘Virtual Training” client, you’ll have videos of all the exercises in your program so you’ll know exactly how to perform them.

Virtual Personal Training is different from being face-to-face. If we’re working out together in a gym setting, I can demonstrate each exercise for you RIGHT THERE, on the spot!

With my online/virtual programs, I use Trainerize, which is a cool software, to deliver and track all of your workouts.

With each workout, I will create a personalized video OF ME DOING EACH EXERCISE!

This way, you can see the exact form that I want for you to have and it’s proof that I’m not just giving you stuff that I cannot do myself! #LOL

Here’s a post I did on Instagram that shows a few of the exercises I recently video’d for a client.


I have a couple different options to take advantage of online/virtual training. If you have any questions, you can contact me and I’d be happy to answer them.

Let’s Get Healthy!

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