My Interview on the “No Regrets Podcast” [Audio]

I’m excited and humbled by my experience of being interviewed on the “No Regrets Podcast”. A link to my interview is at the bottom of this post, but first…


Periscope is awesome! Allow me to throw that out there! It’s a brand new live video streaming app that Twitter released that allows people to watch and comment on live video streams! Amazing! And since it’s brand new, many people have been learning and creating new ways to use the platform. I’m an early adopter of all technology. I was the 1,024,931th user to sign up on Twitter. With well over 232 million at this point, you can see how early I jump onto things. So, when Periscope launched, I immediately downloaded it and set up my account. I watched a few people’s ‘scopes’ and it was pretty funny, so I figured I should do my own and let it be funny and weird and strange, just like all the others. I chose to talk about how I was making my Shakeology shake for the day. I talked about what flavor I like, and why. I talked about Disable My Disability and talked about my journey to getting healthy.

Then, it happened.

I started to get people watching the broadcast. There was one, then two, then all of a sudden, there were about 10 people watching. Here I was just telling my story and I had viewers. Such a rush!

One of those viewers was Randy Raphael, better known as @WonderRandy on Periscope. He immediately started to send comments to what I was talking about. He was intrigued and inspired by my story and then he says, “You should be a guest on my Podcast!” I told him to connect with me on Facebook, and within the next week, the Podcast that you’re about to listen to was recorded.

Randy understood the deeper meaning of my story and knew that there was more to explore than what I could share in a 5 minute ‘scope’ on Periscope.


If you want to find encouragement, motivation, and inspiration to live the best life you can, visit Randy’s Website and listen to all of his Podcasts HERE.

In this interview, I talk about my life living with O.I., how I feel about “Inspiration Porn”, what my mission is with Disable My Disability, and much more.

Thank you, Randy, for being such a gracious host and I look forward to many more conversations! And thanks to Periscope for brining us together at just the right time and place!