One of many workout vlogs coming your way. This week… Triometrics!

I’ll tell ya what… even though I’m a personal trainer, sometimes, I need a trainer. It’s not only because sometimes I just need to be told what to do it’s also because self-motivation can be difficult at times.

When I need a trainer in my life, I turn to the one and only Tony Horton. His Beachbody programs are really fantastic. You know I met him once! Read about that experience RIGHT HERE.

Even with Osteogenesis Imperfecta– or as it’s better known, brittle bones –I find ways to adapt and modify the moves so I can still get a powerful workout done with the proper movements, keeping me injury free!

Check out this workout vlog I did when I went through the Triometrics workout. It’s part of his P90x3 program.

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