Exercising and working out can be daunting when you have Osteogenesis Imperfecta (aka Brittle Bones), but don’t count it out! Physical activity is important for those of us with O.I. and having specific exercises and workout programs is possible.

A couple years ago, when I went through my physical transformation at the age of 42, I went into it without any support from anyone who also has Osteogenesis Imperfecta. I knew that I was capable of working out and exercising, but I didn’t know to what extent I could push myself.

Getting Through the Fear

There is a basic fear of “breaking” bones that is deep within all of us that live with this bone disorder. It’s present even when doing normal, everyday activities, so when faced with exercising and working out, that fear becomes stronger because we’re being asked to lift heavy objects and move in ways that our bodies may not be used to.

No matter what type of O.I. you have – I have Type 1 – there are plenty of options when it comes to exercising and working out.

Exercises That Won’t Break Me

They main thing to understand is that there are no ‘special’ exercises for Osteogenesis Imperfecta. HOWEVER, and this is the key point, there are ‘special’ and ‘specific’ variables to take into consideration when building an exercise and workout routine or program. There are many Types of O.I. and even though we may have similar body types, we are all different and have different mechanical functionality; some of us use wheelchairs, some can walk, some use their legs and arms differently, etc. Because of the variety of bone fractures that we all have, every one of us will have a differently built body structure. Because of this, every exercise out there needs to be done differently, carefully, and PROPERLY so as to avoid injury and fractures. And the combination of exercises for the various areas of the body also need to be looked at and put together with these considerations in mind.

Avoiding Injury

When you have O.I., avoiding injury and fractures is the main concern when exercising and working out. Since each person’s functionality is different based on their body and bone structure, each exercise will have modifications that need to be considered.

Personal Training

It’s one thing to scour the internet for various exercises to do, but it’s another thing to combine and build workout and exercise routines that make sense and lead to real progress towards your goals. Working one-on-one with someone who can guide you properly and give you the accountability and tools necessary to accomplish your fitness goals and live the healthy life that you deserve is important to consider.

That’s why I became a Certified Personal Trainer!

I worked hard through my transformation and I learned to push through the physical, mental, and emotional obstacles that were in my way prior to getting healthier.  I immediately knew that wanted to give back and assist others with O.I. to push through their barriers when it comes to fitness and nutrition. I obtained my certification as a personal trainer through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and I am qualified to create workout programs and give nutritional guidance.

My goal is to assess each and every individual’s ability and functionality, create SMART goals, and build a workout and exercise regimen that will guide them through the process in a way that is PROPER so the client can reach their goals without injury!

I offer coaching and training so contact me here!

Other Osteogenesis Imperfecta Information and Resources

If you’re not ready for personal training/coaching, here’s here to start… GET MY BOOK! You’ll learn more about me and why I’m working now as a traner/coach and more importantly, you’ll get access to sure-fire methods for starting to eat right, get moving, and thinking differently about exercising with Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

And be sure to check out my #OILife YOUTUBE CHANNEL where I’m uploading videos about Osteogenesis Imperfecta!